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Исполнитель: О.ф.ф.с.п.р.я.н.к

Название песни: лалала

Продолжительность mp3: 03:41

Дата добавления: 2014-12-10

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Текст песни:

You can do it!

Until the break of dawn!
Life-life сannot go by the letter
Time-time, proac can make it better
Noise-noise, any kind will do,
Can you feel it slip away
When it's all on you?

Crime-crime, rocking like Janet Reno
Time-time, eighteen and life in Chino
Freud, Freud, all along it's true
Well you'll see there comes a day
Catches up to you, yeah

Knock down the walls -
It's alive in you,
Knock down the place -
You're alone it's true
Knock down the world -
It's alive in you,
You gotta keep your head up
through it all, you're gonna...

Bust out on it (original prankster)
Break out, yeah (original, yeah)
Bust out on it (original prankster)
You never stop now, stop now -
That's what the main men say!

You can do it!

You know it smells like shit,
God-damn, tag team, the double header,
Son of Sam:
"Fire always makes it better!"
Navigate with style and aplomb
Cause wherever you're at
That's the tip, use on

Lies-lies, says he's down in the Bahamas
Tries tries bangin' little hoochie mamas
No way, none of this is true
Well he'll see there comes a day
When the joke's on you, yeah


Dime-dime -
So good to see ya,
Nine-nine -
Don't want to be ya,
Crime-crime -
Fine sensimilla...
Well you'll see there comes a day
Catches up to you, yeah

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