Roy Jones Jr. - Ya'll Must Have Forgot

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Исполнитель: Roy Jones Jr.

Название песни: Ya'll Must Have Forgot

Продолжительность mp3: 02:39

Дата добавления: 2015-10-10

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Текст песни:

Get on your feet.. right now...
For Roy Jone Jr....
The bet pound for pound fighter in the world...

Whoever don't agree... ya know what?
I gue - y'all muta forgot! ...

[Roy Jone Jr.]
When they tole my gold medal in Seoul, Korea
Let' look back at my whole career
Cuz y'all muta forgot! ....
The "bet pound for pound" i mine
Hit Percy Harri with four hook at one time
Y'all muta forgot! ....
When I beat Bernard Hopkin, and won the IBF
The right wa hurt, beat him with the left
Y'all muta forgot! ....
You remember the left hook that Jame Toney got
Sucka move that I tole from a gamecock
Y'all muta forgot! ....
Will there be another Roy Jone? Probably not
Stopped Virgil Hill with a body hot
See y'all muta forgot! ....
I got diqualified in March of '97
After givin a whippin to Montell Griffin
Late hit - my title; they had to take it
Why? I gue that' the only way I could loe
Five month later; rematch, I need my crown
Firt round, one punch and he at down
Don't get me mad cuz I'm amped already
Took title from fighter who wa champ already
The heart and oul of boxing on HBO
What thee other fighter take me fo? A joke?
Ah y'all muta forgot! ....
And they got the nerve to ay I ain't fight nobody
I jut make 'em look like nobody
Y'all muta forgot! ....
And David Telaco, he really aked for it
So I beat him with a fractured writ
See y'all muta forgot! .... (remember that...)
In the ring I BOX, there i none higher
When I ue thee, they call me ire
To earn my kindom, I mut ue fire
and I won't top boxing till I retire, I'm Roy...
Y'all muta forgot! .... Y'all muta forgot!
When I beat Reggie Johnon,
and took hi light heavyweight title from him
See y'all muta forgot! That I'm nice with thee
Y'all muta forgot! Thi i what I do
Y'all muta forgot!
We could go on and on, Mike McCallum, Vinnie Pazienza
See y'all muta forgot! .... Y'all muta forgot!
Y'all muta forgot!
By PJ..!

Видео: Roy Jones Jr. - Ya'll Must Have Forgot

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