This Is Sparta ! - A Martyr's Reward

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Исполнитель: This Is Sparta !

Название песни: A Martyr's Reward

Продолжительность mp3: 03:54

Дата добавления: 2014-07-23

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Текст песни:

This is worst than a crime
The blood flowing the ground
Looks like the perfect rhyme
Madness and art
Killing shows us we are weak
In front of

God’s punishing
The time has come
For suffering
To feel frenyness
Living in a world without
Pride and happiness
If you feel safe inside
Just look straight into my eyes
Thanks to my sick mind
I will show you

The Madness of this cray world
A child grew up and became worse than a man
A child grew and became worse than a man

He comes face to face
When you think you are safe
Slowly comes near you
To smell your corpse and watch you fall
Asleep and deeply
Planting a knife
From ear to ear slicing your neck, stealing your life.

Suffer for all
You’re trapped
Between these walls
Suffer for all
You pay the price
For these jokes you’ve thought banal

The next day
Your neighborhood will find you lay
While the beast’s still free
Stronger and still gutsy.

Late at night
The murderer is gonna write
A new age of blood and crime
There is no chance to flee this time
Close your eyes until death comes

Whenever it looks like a game

Standing on broken knees
Just waiting ‘til you’ll get free
Realie you’re nothing more than a rat
Being stuck, while thinking it’s too late
When you’re grabbed by two rough hands
Guided by the hate.

We all have our reasons
To commit a crime
Bullying the weakest
You’re only creating your own demise

Видео: This Is Sparta - A Martyr's Reward (New Song) [HQ] 2013

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